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The NextGen Initiative is fueled by innovative partnerships that combine our strengths with those of industry leaders.

As well as actively pursuing new partnerships with public and private corporations across the nation and globe, we’re embracing the NextGen Initiative as an opportunity to expand our existing collaborations.

Alliance for Precision Health

Our partnership with Siemens Healthineers, a world leader in medical technology, allows us to proceed full speed ahead with the important work of developing new health care solutions for Missourians. Announced in 2019, this 10-year and $113M agreement cements the largest long-term partnership in Siemens’ history and will ensure our universities and health care partners have continued access to leading-edge diagnostic and therapeutic equipment. The impacts of the alliance will be felt across the state and nation. Siemens expertise will optimize operations within MU Health Care’s hospitals and clinics through digital health tools that will give clinicians access to timely, meaningful, actionable data. The partnership will also advance education and workforce development in the state, through co-developed curricula in cybersecurity, data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence related to health care.

NAVIFY™ Tumor Board

At MU Health Care’s Ellis Fischel Cancer Center and other cancer institutes around the world, multidisciplinary teams of specialists regularly meet to discuss new or challenging cases at meetings known as tumor boards. However, tumor boards require time-intensive organization of patient information, including radiology and microscope slide images, pathology reports, electronic medical records and more. MU School of Medicine is collaborating with leading pharmaceutical and diagnostics company Roche, to streamline and standardize the process so that more patients can benefit from personalized health care from cancer specialists.

MU is the first U.S.-based institution to pilot the NAVIFY™ Tumor Board, a software solution that creates a centralized repository of tumor board data. At Ellis Fischel Cancer Center, NAVIFY™ is used for hematology-pathology, ENT, multidisciplinary care, breast cancer and melanoma tumor boards. Plans are underway to use NAVIFY™ at all tumor boards across the cancer center. Early results suggest that the tool creates more time for in-depth discussions on patient care.