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NextGen Precision Health Institute

The NextGen Precision Health Institute will be a state-of-the-art facility at the University of Missouri-Columbia that will be available to all UM System researchers.

As part of the NextGen Precision Health Initiative, the world-class facility will bring biomolecular, computational and engineering disciplines, veterinary and human medicine and industry partners under one roof. The building was designed with the goal of rapid production of precision health technologies. The Institute will provide the platform needed to integrate multidisciplinary laboratory space with advanced analytical instrumentation, computational processing and pilot-scale manufacturing into a pipeline encompassing the entire system.

NextGen Precision Health Institute architectural rendering
Architectural rendering of proposed NextGen Precision Health Institute located in Columbia, Mo.

The building will include resources such as cores for electron microscopy, magnetic resonance imaging, singlephoton emission computed tomography, positron emission tomography–computed tomography and more. These shared resources will create new opportunities across the system. For example, UMKC researchers do not currently have access to a well-equipped animal research facility, or vivarium. The complex would provide this access to help develop therapies for companion animals and serve as an important step toward clinical trial evaluations for humans.

The complex will also have dedicated space for public and private corporate partnerships. These industry collaborations will help launch start-up companies and provide the support needed to bridge the funding gaps that stop many new technologies from making it to the consumer market.

Take a look inside.

Watch the institute take shape.