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A bold plan to transform health care and improve life for future generations

The University of Missouri System has joined other esteemed research centers around the world in ushering forward a new era of personalized health care — one that will treat diseases based on individual variability in genes, environment and lifestyle, rather than a traditional one-size-fits-all approach.

Designed to harness the emerging possibilities of precision medicine to help solve today’s greatest health problems, the NextGen Precision Health Initiative is a dynamic systemwide effort, focused on developing the breakthrough research needed to facilitate these essential advances in global health.

Leveraging our depth of knowledge, expertise and statewide assets — including access to the nation’s largest university research reactor — across four universities and a health care system, the NextGen Initiative brings together the brightest minds from across the UM System to transform groundbreaking research into life-changing reality for patients around the world.

An essential part of the initiative is the construction of the 265,000-square-foot NextGen Precision Health Institute at the University of Missouri-Columbia. Slated to open in the fall of 2021, the facility will be the collaborative nexus for the systemwide initiative, providing key resources for researchers at all four system universities and helping build connections with clinicians and industry partners.

Focused on the world’s most pressing vascular, cancer and neurological conditions, the NextGen Precision Health Initiative is the exciting next step in unlocking the UM System’s full potential to take on and solve society’s greatest challenges.

Download our printable case statement or project brief for more information.

Watch the initiative launch.